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Christmas Gift Ideas – Hearth & Hand

If you’re a Hearth & Hand lover like I am, and still in need of a gift idea for Christmas, I have two affordable ideas that I threw together thanks to Target’s Cyber Monday Sale. 

Target celebrated Cyber Monday with a sale that began on Sunday, Dec. 1st. The 30% off home items definitely caught my eyes and I was thrilled to find out that it applied to Hearth & Hand by Magnolia products. 


Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Christmas Gift Ideas

This year I put together two gift ideas that cost me less than $15. Keep in mind I did receive 30% on these products and 1 of these products (the bath salt) is from last year’s 2018 Hearth & Hand Holiday collection…. yes I purchased it at 90% off and kept it for almost one year. If you don’t know by now I’m a huge bargain shopper and deal finder.

The first idea is inspired by the cute Gingerbread Cookie flour sack towel for $3.99. I paired it with the Measuring Pitcher Cup $9.99 and finished it with the 5pc Measuring Spoons $7.99. The three items total $21.97 without any discounts. If you’re trying to keep the cost down consider removing one of the items and baking some homemade gingerbread cookies.

By choosing to shop on Cyber Monday and using my red card, I was able to save $7.37 per gift. Take a look at the breakdown below.

30% Off Cyber Monday Deal Breakdown
$2.79 towel + $6.99 measuring cup + $5.59 measuring spoons – 5% Target Red Card = $14.60

The second gift idea came from the black wire bin product photos shown here Wire Bin Black – Hearth & Hand.

Product photo from Wire Bin Black – Hearth & Hand product page

I purchased the small bin reg. price $8.99 and used it as the gift basket. Inside of the basket I added the Juniper hand wash soap because the scent reminded me of Christmas. I also threw in a hand towel that I purchased back in January for 70% off and the Hearth & Hand bath salts that I purchased at 90% off from the 2018 holiday collection. There are a few hand towels that you can choose from here, however, my recommendation is this gorgeous Grey Striped Hand Towel $3.99. In place of the bath salts since Hearth & Hand does not have a bath salt this year, you can choose to add a bath bomb or a Foam sponge $2.27…. Yes, the sponge I listed is from Walmart because I could not find one like it at Target. If you’re not a big fan of Walmart like me, especially during the holidays, consider doing Walmart’s pickup option to make the foam sponge purchase less of a hassle. 

I won’t breakdown my cost for this gift idea since two of the four items were purchased on clearance last year and the other two items (bin and soap) were 30% off. This bathroom gift basket idea can be completely customized and the cost can vary drastically based on your budget.

I originally planned on showing you the final look after the gifts are wrapped, but obviously that would mean posting this blog the night before. lol I’m kidding… sort of. I do however plan on placing the Gingerbread cookie set in one of the polka dot gift bigs you see behind, or using Cello Gift Wrap and a ribbon which I will likely use on the bathroom set. 

I hope these two ideas inspire you this Christmas. Get creative, have fun, and tag me in any of your gifts that you create. I absolutely love chatting with all of you and seeing what you create. 

Happy Holidays <3 


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