Diaper Changes – Making it Fun!

From screaming, kicking and turning on her tummy, to grabbing diapers for me and lying down for a diaper change on her own. Maia went through a stage of fighting diaper changes for a couple months that started when she was about 16 months old. I dreaded diaper changes, she clearly hated it, and I was desperate for a resolution. 

I researched methods on how to make diaper changes fun and nothing seemed to work on my daughter. Remaining calm, singing a song, giving her something to play with, none of it did the trick. One thing however did stand out to me when researching ideas on how to fix this struggle. All sources seemed to have the same idea in mind and that was to “make diaper changes fun”.

So I thought to myself how could I make diaper changes fun for my daughter? After all, as her mother I know her likes and dislikes best. At that time Maia really began to express interest in helping me with everything that I did. If I was doing something she wanted to do it to. So I thought ‘why not let her help me in the diaper changing process?’.

The next diaper change I walked her over to her bin of diapers, pointed at them and enthusiastically asked her “Can you please give Mommy a diaper?”. I was shocked when she reached in grabbed a diaper and handed it to me. Yay!! I was so excited and wanted to celebrate this first step by giving her a high five (she loves high fives).

Okay so we have the diaper, now what? Using a similar method I once again excitedly said something along the lines of “Yay, thanks for the diaper Maia now lets put it on”. At this age Maia did understand what lying down meant but she was a bit hesitant because she knew the diaper change was coming. Let’s face it, at this age they begin to catch on when they’re being set up. I did need to help her lay her down the first couple of times. Just like with the first step once she did lie on her back I gave her a High Five and said “Good job, Maia laid down for Mommy!”. The high five seemed to help in keeping her calm while I quickly put on a fresh diaper. Once I did get the diaper on I said “All pau (done)” and helped her get up. Before I let her go I held her hand and said “Good girl changed her diaper” and ended it with a final high five.

As you can see the high five was my way of making her understand that she did something good. By celebrating each step and getting her involved in the process I knew that I had finally found a way to make diaper changes Fun For Her. I can’t guarantee that this method will work for those of you going through a similar struggle, but what I can suggest is to use the advice of “Making Diaper Changes Fun” and customizing it to suite your child. 

Maia began lying down on her own the very next day and just a couple days after she began to come to me to signal a diaper change. This was a huge shocker for me and also a sign that she began to acknowledge when she needed a change which meant POTTY TRAINING! BTW, because of a separate issue with constipation it was unfortunately easy to identify when Maia had to poop. This made it simple to make her go #2 on her potty since she was just 14 months old. I attempted to potty train her to go pee-pee as well but I knew that she just wasn’t ready for that yet. Stay tuned for my next blog post about how Maia began to go pee-pee on her own less than 2 weeks after overcoming the diaper changing tantrums.



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