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DIY Movie Cards

When Maia turned 1 she began to really express her likes and dislikes. One thing in particular that frustrated her is when we would play a show she didn’t want to watch. At first we would go from one movie to the next and wait for her reaction. She would either smile and jump in joy or cry in frustration that we didn’t play what she wanted. Desperate to find a solution to this I came up with an idea that I called “Movie Cards”.

Movie Card

I put together a collage of shows/movies that she loved, printed them out on card stock & got them laminated at our local Office Max.

To create the cards you can choose to use programs like Microsoft Word, Photoshop or a simple collage App on your phone. Below I’ll show you the simple steps that I took to create the movie cards using a collage app called MOLDIV. Feel free to use any app that you have and you’re familiar with.

I introduced the cards to her by pointing to a show on it with my finger and then playing it. To my surprise she caught on extremely quick and began to use it on her own after the first day. While this may not be a solution for everyone these Movie Cards have really helped us and I recommend them to anyone going through a similar struggle. I love feedback and would love to see your movie cards in action with your little ones. Please don’t forget to tag me or send me a DM!


  1. Google the shows/movies your little one loves to watch using Google Images. I searched “movie title cover” and found it pretty simple to find the shows I was looking for. Save the images to your camera roll.
  2. Open MOLDIV or the collage app you’re using.
  3. Select the collage layout you want. I chose the template with 4 blocks.
  4. With MOLDIV I adjusted the defaulted square frame to the 2:3 ratio.
  5. Insert images and Save to photos
  6. Print photo from your phone if you have a wireless printer or email it to your computer/preferred printing service.
  7. Optional: Laminate to increase the lifetime of your movie cards with your toddler.

TIP: Double-sided cards will save you money on the cost of lamination. 

Helpful Screenshots using the MOLDIV app:


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